Monday Cleanup Day

Ok, I have a few rules for myself. When it comes to crafting my 1st rule is “clean up on Monday”. I make an awful mess when I sew (or knit or crochet or whatever I have going on). Funny but I’m not that way in the kitchen. Maybe because I spent so meny years cleaning up after my mother. She was a wonderful cook but she managed to use every pot and pan she owned everytime she cooked. I digress. After a week of doing whatever, the room looks like the Tasmanian devil was in there. At that point I can no longer think straight. So I set aside Monday for cleanup.


This room will be the livingroom when the remodel is done but for now I am set up here.



Love my Brother sewing machine and the Simplicity surger.


I couldn’t do without this cutting table. It’s the right height for me. (I’m 5 foot 10)


This is a pressing table the hubbs made me but I can’t use it as such until the rewiring is finished. I keep blow the circuit.
Well there is the ten cent tour of my space. Nothing fancy but it works.
Ok, back to cleaning.


I love comments so please let me know what you think.

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