First Quilt (part 2) Piecing the Quilt

The quilt top from the kit only had squares of the Mickey Mouse material. I guessed I was supposed to piece them together. I did just that. It looked awful.


It didn’t make sense to take a piece of cloth, cut it into squares, and sew the squares back together. I reasoned it would look better if every other square was different.

I undid all the squares. I just loved doing that. NOT! I decided to use the backing material for the other squares.

I looked in all those books to come up with what size a baby quilt should be. The smallest one was 29 1/2″x 29 1/2″ and the largest 50″ x 60″ so I had a lot of leeway.

The original squares were 8 1/4″. I had to cut them down because I washed the fabric and they had frayed a little. I didn’t want to waste too much so I cut them 7 inch square.

Note: the fabric hadn’t been washed and I always wash what I use. It’s better for your machine and better for humans who come in contact with it.

I used 1/4″ seams. There are four squares across and 6 squares down so 24 squares total.


I would have to say this looks much better.


I love comments so please let me know what you think.

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