Crocheted Cardigan and Cap


I wanted to blog about this cardigan and cap before I send it to my great-niece. We trade clothes in this family. I have seven great-nieces and two great nephews under the age of 7. That’s not counting my 4 grands. When one outgrows something, it’s on to the next. Don’t worry, they all get more than their fair share of new things. (Way more than their share, I’m thinking)

It was my first sweater. I made it for JJ when she was about a year old.


She doesn’t look very happy about standing still long enough to try it on and having her picture taken.

My first sweater, I was so jazzed when I finished it. The pattern had an intermediate rating and I had no trouble following it. This pattern needed the gauge followed closely, unlike anything I’d made before. After finishing, I felt confident about trying other patterns with shaping and parts. And it looked just like the picture in the book. How cool was that?


I learned to crochet in 1986. I know this because I was expecting my youngest daughter J and had been comfined to bed. This was before 100+ tv channels, before internet, before txt messaging, before Kindle and other e-readers, and I was bored, bored, bored. My sister Sharon volunteered to teach me to crochet. I was hooked (pin intended).

I used the  “Big Book of Crochet” for the pattern. It is a much used, much loved book in my library. I have made several of its patterns.


“Kid’s Cardigan Sets” on page 131 is the pattern I used. The yarn is my go-to Hobby Lobby brand “I Love This Yarn”, so soft and washable.


Grammy’s little angle,  so loved, so spoiled (in a good way). She is so loving and bright.


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