We’re Going to a Ghostly Ball

2013-10-17 09.47.15

This cute ghostly trio is on the way to the Ball. They are all decked out in their best Halloween finery looking forward to a night of tricks and treats.

I made this for JJ to wear to school and carnivals during the Halloween season.

Julianne shows off dress 1

Julianne shows off dress 6-1-1

I used this pattern “The Perfect A-Line Reversible Dress”  by Tie Dye Diva. You can find it on youcanmakethis.com.

This is the first “Tie Dye Diva” pattern I’ve used and found it to be very easy. New sewest will have no problem following the instructions. I like that some of the non-commercial pattern designers are using color photes in their instructions. It helps make things more clear. I didn’t make this reversible but I certainly could have. It may have been cool to put a fall or Thanksgiving design on the other side so she could get more wearings out of it.

Ok, this must be told. I don’t draw. I am not artistic in this area at all. My stick people need serious help. My daughter K, who is very artistic, says that anyone can draw you just need to practice.  Well I must be the exception to the rule because my ability to draw stinks. I buy the applique’ templates I use. This one is from JesseKate Designs’ pattern “Too Cute to Spook”. You can also find this one on youcanmakethis.


I used baby corduroy in black for the outside and a white quilt cotton for the lining.  I like the high contrast of black and white.

The applque’ came from a set of fat quarters I bought a few years ago. It had all the colors of a box of crayons. It’s like coloring with fabric. How happy is that?

The buttons came from a large container of craft buttons I purchased from Jo-ann’s. They are kind of cheapy and I probably wouldn’t use them on something that would get more wear but for this, they are fine.

Don’t forget that KIDS CLOTHES WEEK starts today. Jump on over there and check out the goings on.



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