Fussy Cutting and a New Year

Sorry I was gone for so long but life got hard and complicated. We did manage to give the grands a wonderful Christmas.

The holidays are over and I am more relaxed and ready to work hard in my studio. AKA the dinning room.

I made a lot of the Christmas gifts we gave this year. Of course most will still be very late in the giving.

I think crafting and blogging are like walking and chewing gum at the same time, easy for some and not for others. Maybe you just have to get in a rhythm.

Yesterday I managed to fussy cut pieces for two caps and a quilt.


This fleece started out looking something like this. I wanted the ducks whole on each panel of the cap crowns. The squares are 6 1/2 inches and will be used for a baby quilt.

And I almost finished this cap for grandson little J.

I hope to get more done today. Just keep on working, working, working, gotta keep on working rawhide. Did I just date myself? Ok, that’s even before my time LOL.


I love comments so please let me know what you think.

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