Limited But Here

I am still floating around the blogosphere. My laptop went bonkers and won’t let me online so everything I do is being done from my phone and little galaxy pad. WordPress has this mobile app but it is somewhat limited. The tech world has left me in the dust and I will have to catch up. (Figuring out what new computer to get is like choosing a new car.) So please forgive me while I muddle through.


I have been working on different thing since Christmas. This bag was made for my daughter. I was tempted to keep it for myself but my love for her won out. (I do love you miss JL.)

I used this tutorial from noodlehead.

I love the way it turned out


2 thoughts on “Limited But Here

    • Thank you trkingmomoe. It was definitely rough and being a novice at blogging just made it worse. But tax returns made it possible to purchase a new computer. It’s not super powerful but it will do all I need it to. The limited data plan is an even bigger problem. I live out in the country and access to the internet doesn’t have many options. Hopefully I will find a solution to that before the end of the year. Come on cable.


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