Sassy Shorts on KCW Day 1

Kids Cloths Week is here! 

One whole week to concentrate on sewing for children.

I love KCW and look forward to it each time. I plan for weeks. I pick out patterns and fabric and all the little findings for each garment. I print and put together the patterns, cut out my projects, and put everything together so all I have to do is sew. I cook up meals and freeze them so I don’t have to spend time in the kitchen. I lovingly warn my family to stay away. (This doesn’t seem to work.) Kids Cloths Week comes around four times a year and I anticipate each one as if it were a holiday.

Do you need to do all this to participate in KCW? No, just work on a kids clothing project an hour a day for seven days. You do only what you can. The purpose of KCW is just to have some time set apart to work on cloths for your or someone else’s children. The whole idea is to have


Day 1

I made baby girl a pair of shorts. She has outgrown most everything I made last summer. She is in need of warm weather clothing. And by warm I really mean HOT. East Texas is hot and humid in the summer.2013-07-24 11.07.35 (2)

I took apart JJ’s first day of school dress to use for her new summer things. I didn’t pass this dress down because I messed up when I made it. The fabric turned out to be a one way print. I didn’t notice it until I had the dress finished. I am just too OCD to let this go. I had a little of this fabric left so I decided to use it and some coordinated fabrics to make some new pieces.2014-03-31 15.52.11


The pattern is “Sassy Shorts” by Ginger Baby Patterns.



I loved this pattern. It was very easy to put together. The illustrations were great and I think a beginner would have no problems making these little shorts. One of the things that makes a great pattern is the ability to make it many times and have each item made be totally different. I will be making this pattern a lot this summer.

Sassy Shorts 1 (2)


There is a lot more summer clothes to make.



Here is some of the wonderful fabric I bought to for my summer sewing fun.



They are so pretty. I just love all the Tutti Frutti goodness.










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