Honey Pot and Other Goodies

2014-03-12 18.19.35

This week was my week to receive goodies.2014-03-13 16.20.51

My daughter Kim sent me a honey pot. It is so cute. She thought it would go with my blog name. It was put out by Le Creuset. I love the golden-yellow color. I was so tickled when she gave it to me. Thank You, Kim.

Then the mail came and I received my new Oliver and S patterns. Oh happy day.

2014-03-12 18.21.53

Oliver and S is one of my favorite pattern companies. You really get your money’s worth with an Oliver and S. Not only do they come with multiple sizes but you also get a sewing lesson or two or three included.

Oliver and S rates their patterns by difficulty. The more scissors a pattern has the more difficult. All three of these are one scissor which makes them easy for a novice. The finished garment will make you look like a pro. They are so versatile you will use them over and over.

The last goody was a package of peanut butter Oreo cookies my sweat hubs brought me. They were sooo good dunked in my coffee. Ok, not good for you but such a guilty pleasure. (I didn’t get a picture before we devoured them, sorry.)