Completed Spring Outfit

JJ green halter yard 1 (2)As often happens, KCW comes but circumstances conspire to keep me from fully participating. I did get to sew at least an hour a day but couldn’t get pictures taken or write about it. I will be posting about what I did as I can.

As I mentioned in the last post I took Julianne’s FDOS dress apart and made this outfit. I also used some of the leftover fabric from the dress. Oh, and the plain green is new Tutti Frutti fabric.

The original dress was made using the Annette Reversible Sundress by Nanoo Children’s Designs . I purchased it on the “YouCanMakeThis” site. You can read more about it here.

The Sassy Shorts are blogged about here. They fit her very well. I was worried about using elastic that wide (1 inch) on a little girl’s shorts but she says they are very comfortable.

04-17-14 PE (2)

The top is the Ruffled Halter by Oliver and S. It is a very easy pattern. It took me two days to make because I wanted to do things my way. My OCD kicked in and I didn’t want to leave the ruffle edges unfinished. I tried to put a narrow hem on the ruffles but that made them too short. My trusty seam ripper and I got to work and took out the three hems. I knew the edges wouldn’t fry much because they were cut on the bias. But I had never left edges undone before. Well, I came up with a compromise and used one of the mostly unused decorative stitches that are on my sewing machine and sewed close to the edge. It looks pretty good. I guess you can teach an old less than young dog some new tricks. You can find a great tutorial for this top here.

04-17-14 PJ (2)


I really wanted to preserve this dress. I remember my First Day of School Dress my grandmother made me. It was light blue check with a removable reversible collar. The collar was white on one side and blue check on the other. It had a full gathered skirt and I loved it. My grandmother sewed it for me with love. She made me other pretty dresses when I was little but that dress was special. I hope my granddaughter will remember her dress with the same fondness fifty years from now.

04-17-14 PH (4)







When we finally got a warm enough day for pictures Julianne danced all around the yard.




04-17-14 B (2) 04-17-14 C (3) 04-17-14 D (2) 04-17-14 E (2) 04-17-14 F (2) 04-17-14 G (2) 04-17-14 H (2) 04-17-14 J (2)


Oh, to feel such freedom!

04-17-14 PC (2)








Honey Pot and Other Goodies

2014-03-12 18.19.35

This week was my week to receive goodies.2014-03-13 16.20.51

My daughter Kim sent me a honey pot. It is so cute. She thought it would go with my blog name. It was put out by Le Creuset. I love the golden-yellow color. I was so tickled when she gave it to me. Thank You, Kim.

Then the mail came and I received my new Oliver and S patterns. Oh happy day.

2014-03-12 18.21.53

Oliver and S is one of my favorite pattern companies. You really get your money’s worth with an Oliver and S. Not only do they come with multiple sizes but you also get a sewing lesson or two or three included.

Oliver and S rates their patterns by difficulty. The more scissors a pattern has the more difficult. All three of these are one scissor which makes them easy for a novice. The finished garment will make you look like a pro. They are so versatile you will use them over and over.

The last goody was a package of peanut butter Oreo cookies my sweat hubs brought me. They were sooo good dunked in my coffee. Ok, not good for you but such a guilty pleasure. (I didn’t get a picture before we devoured them, sorry.)