Limited But Here

I am still floating around the blogosphere. My laptop went bonkers and won’t let me online so everything I do is being done from my phone and little galaxy pad. WordPress has this mobile app but it is somewhat limited. The tech world has left me in the dust and I will have to catch up. (Figuring out what new computer to get is like choosing a new car.) So please forgive me while I muddle through.


I have been working on different thing since Christmas. This bag was made for my daughter. I was tempted to keep it for myself but my love for her won out. (I do love you miss JL.)

I used this tutorial from noodlehead.

I love the way it turned out


First Quilt (part 2) Piecing the Quilt

The quilt top from the kit only had squares of the Mickey Mouse material. I guessed I was supposed to piece them together. I did just that. It looked awful.


It didn’t make sense to take a piece of cloth, cut it into squares, and sew the squares back together. I reasoned it would look better if every other square was different.

I undid all the squares. I just loved doing that. NOT! I decided to use the backing material for the other squares.

I looked in all those books to come up with what size a baby quilt should be. The smallest one was 29 1/2″x 29 1/2″ and the largest 50″ x 60″ so I had a lot of leeway.

The original squares were 8 1/4″. I had to cut them down because I washed the fabric and they had frayed a little. I didn’t want to waste too much so I cut them 7 inch square.

Note: the fabric hadn’t been washed and I always wash what I use. It’s better for your machine and better for humans who come in contact with it.

I used 1/4″ seams. There are four squares across and 6 squares down so 24 squares total.


I would have to say this looks much better.

Monday Cleanup Day

Ok, I have a few rules for myself. When it comes to crafting my 1st rule is “clean up on Monday”. I make an awful mess when I sew (or knit or crochet or whatever I have going on). Funny but I’m not that way in the kitchen. Maybe because I spent so meny years cleaning up after my mother. She was a wonderful cook but she managed to use every pot and pan she owned everytime she cooked. I digress. After a week of doing whatever, the room looks like the Tasmanian devil was in there. At that point I can no longer think straight. So I set aside Monday for cleanup.


This room will be the livingroom when the remodel is done but for now I am set up here.



Love my Brother sewing machine and the Simplicity surger.


I couldn’t do without this cutting table. It’s the right height for me. (I’m 5 foot 10)


This is a pressing table the hubbs made me but I can’t use it as such until the rewiring is finished. I keep blow the circuit.
Well there is the ten cent tour of my space. Nothing fancy but it works.
Ok, back to cleaning.

Jj’s new pjs

I made these pajamas for Jj last month.

Because of an injury, I hadn’t sewn for a couple of years. I needed some practice. I figured I would make Jj some pjs. If I messed up no one would see them. I used these two patterns.


I modified the top by shortening it by two inches then adding a band to the bottom. I used the bubble shorts as the bottoms.
The material was from Joann’s. I really like their flannels.

She loves them and wears them every time she spends the night.
I need to work on my camera skills.

More about the “First day of school dress”

I made this dress using the “Annette Reversible Sundress”. I have used this pattern several times and really like it.

I will try to link to the pattern but if I can’t you can find it on “”. Just put “annette reversible sundress” in the search box.

This dress went from idea to finish product faster than the speed of light. That means in an afternoon one Sunday.
I can’t say enough good thing about this pattern. The pictures make it so easy to follow. I will be buying more from this designer in the future.