Fussy Cutting and a New Year

Sorry I was gone for so long but life got hard and complicated. We did manage to give the grands a wonderful Christmas.

The holidays are over and I am more relaxed and ready to work hard in my studio. AKA the dinning room.

I made a lot of the Christmas gifts we gave this year. Of course most will still be very late in the giving.

I think crafting and blogging are like walking and chewing gum at the same time, easy for some and not for others. Maybe you just have to get in a rhythm.

Yesterday I managed to fussy cut pieces for two caps and a quilt.


This fleece started out looking something like this. I wanted the ducks whole on each panel of the cap crowns. The squares are 6 1/2 inches and will be used for a baby quilt.

And I almost finished this cap for grandson little J.

I hope to get more done today. Just keep on working, working, working, gotta keep on working rawhide. Did I just date myself? Ok, that’s even before my time LOL.

A Little Tease


This Sunday we didn’t have the grands so I planned to get an early start and work on the Halloween outfits.

I got a good start. Cutting out done. First applique’ applied. Then, the thunder rolled and the lightning flashed and the power went out. No air, no sewing machine, no surger, no iron and no fun. It was out for over 4 hours. But I could work on my crochet. My crochet hook is powered by only me, me, me. So I sat on the porch and worked on slipper socks.

I promised to show something special for the grands Halloween but sad to say I’m not done. So I am sending you this little tease and hurrying back to work.


First Quilt (part 2) Piecing the Quilt

The quilt top from the kit only had squares of the Mickey Mouse material. I guessed I was supposed to piece them together. I did just that. It looked awful.


It didn’t make sense to take a piece of cloth, cut it into squares, and sew the squares back together. I reasoned it would look better if every other square was different.

I undid all the squares. I just loved doing that. NOT! I decided to use the backing material for the other squares.

I looked in all those books to come up with what size a baby quilt should be. The smallest one was 29 1/2″x 29 1/2″ and the largest 50″ x 60″ so I had a lot of leeway.

The original squares were 8 1/4″. I had to cut them down because I washed the fabric and they had frayed a little. I didn’t want to waste too much so I cut them 7 inch square.

Note: the fabric hadn’t been washed and I always wash what I use. It’s better for your machine and better for humans who come in contact with it.

I used 1/4″ seams. There are four squares across and 6 squares down so 24 squares total.


I would have to say this looks much better.